About us

2|Eye|Tec [tu:'aɪ'tek], rarely TwoEyeTec

  1. technology, which can be used - directly or indirectly - for producing content to be watched with two eyes
  2. company for camera- and film accessories in Munich, founded by camera assistants for camera assistants.

Where we come from

As the name 2EyeTec suggests, the roots of the company are in developing and fabricating stereoscopic camera equipment and generally specialized camera rigs. The company was founded for the development, design and fabrication of a S3D beam splitter rig. You can find some pictures of the "Minirig" in the following gallery:

For a 360°-VR project, we devloped several camera rigs, which could withstand the high forces better than the available rigs made of 3D printing technology.

For fabricating this MiniRig, we acquired a CNC mill. The decline in S3D, the opportunities, which opened up with the CNC and growing interest in custom-made solutions for the work in the camera department lead to fabricating more and more conventional camera accessories.

What we do

Besides a drinkable coffee and a usually well-stocked (🍺) fridge, we offer mechanical and electric solutions for simplifying the tasks on a film set. Our motivation is to find distinct solutions and give the camera crew the right tools to cope with the daily challenges during a film shoot. Our experience on set allows us to find practical solutions, which we can fabricate in-house with our constantly growing machinery.

The Workshop

Additionally to our electronic workshop with solder station, programmable PSU, oscilloscope, frequency generator, our mechanic workshop contains - beyond the usual tool kit - a vertical drilling machine by Alzmetall with a lot of accessories, a large chop saw for metal and a blasting cabinet.

CNC Mill

Our CNC is a portal milling machine with a machining area of 800x600 mm and a gantry height of 300 mm. The large working table and the rigid structure of polymer concrete the machine offers a large variety of use-cases and millable materials: from aluminium to miscellaneous resins to sheet material, we can cover different tasks.

We're using LinuxCNC for constrolling the machine. This allows us to continuously extend and integrate new features in our machine. Right now a automatic tool changer and a 4th axis are beeing planned.

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