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Battery Belt with XLR4pin Output for two V-Mount Batteries

The battery belt essentially consists of three harmonised, modular components: the actual belt, two battery plates and a central hub. The system can be supplemented with a suitable camera cable and accessories for mounting video transmitters.

Detaching the battery and any other accessories enables the camera system to be as compact as possible, e.g. for use in a hand-held camera configuration.

Thanks to the various mounting options and modularity, the components can also be used individually or for other power supply tasks. A few examples can be found below under Applications.


The belt consists of two parts: The actual belt and a MOLLE carrying system. The belt is sewn to our specifications in Germany from extremely durable nylon webbing and fitted with a COBRA® Quick Release buckle from AustriAlpin. The buckle can only be opened by pressing both clips simultaneously. Unintentional release under tension is practically impossible. 

The MOLLE carrying system is a addon for the belt to attach equipment and accessories. If required, for example when using very heavy batteries, additional padding can easily be added.
In addition to the secure attachment of the battery plates and the hub, the combined belt system enables the attachment of additional accessories in the MOLLE system, a standard from the military sector; it offers a stable and wobble-free connection.


The hub has an XLR 4pin output for the camera and two unregulated aux outputs (Lemo 0B, 2pin) and connects the two battery plates. An LED indicates the status of each battery plate.

Parallel operation of the two battery packs leads to an increase in the maximum load (performance) and battery life (capacity). It is also possible to swap the batteries sequentially during operation ("HotSwap"). 

Various 3/8" and 1/4" UNC threads with Arri Pinlock are attached to the hub for mounting accessories (especially video transmitters). Together with one of our brackets, almost all transmitters can be mounted. The two-part housing of the hub is made of black anodised aluminium and plastic and is CNC milled.

The two MOLLE latches on the back provide the connection to the belt. This makes it easy to use with another belt, a tactical harness or rucksack, for example.

Battery Plate

The housing and machanical parts of the V-Mount battery plates are made entirely of black anodized, CNC-milled aluminium.
They are characterized by a long service life and great compatibility with a wide variety of batteries. 
Although smaller batteries in the 45-150Wh range are more suitable for handheld camera applications, 290Wh batteries will also fit on our V-Mount plates and can be carried well, especially with additional padding.

Camera Cable Combi

A combined power and video cable completes the setup. In this combination cable, a cable for the power supply and a flexible, 12G-capable BNC cable are combined in a braided tube. The ends of the braided sleeving are moulded to the cable to create a robust connection. It is virtually impossible for the braiding to slip out, as can happen when using heat-shrink tubing. An eyelet is also incorporated at both ends for strain relief.

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