Power Solutions

Battery Belt

Battery belt for V-mount and B-mount batteries, e.g. for a compact hand-held camera configuration. Together with the central hub, the two battery holders offer various functions such as load sharing, capacity expansion and hot swap.

Integrated 3/8" and 1/4" threads with Arri Pinlock enable the mounting of additional accessories such as video transmitters, which can also be supplied with power via the two integrated Aux sockets.

Camera Cable

For use with the battery belt, there is a combined power and video cable in which two cables are combined in a braided hose. We also offer standard cables with XLR input for supplying power to cameras and other devices and extensions for camera cables for ARRI and RED. 

The cables are assembled in-house and can be customised according to customer requirements.

Battery Plates

Our battery plates are also available for individual use with a fixed cable. The plates are supplied with a belt clip and MOLLE system. The output plug and the cable length can be configured.

DC Distributor

We offer a large selection of distributors with 2pin Lemo or RS 3pin sockets for distributing the voltage to various accessory devices.